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Abigail is a champion for the priorities of King County. She has the innovative spirit and bold policy ideas necessary to put King County at the cutting edge of human services, transportation, and the fight against climate change.
Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib
Abigail is the new voice and proven leader we need on the County Council to fight for progressive priorities like homelessness, transportation, and climate. Abigail will fight for us and she has my full support.
State Senator Joe Nguyen
Abigail is a relentless fighter for people and our planet with incredible capacity for big ideas and innovative solutions. King County needs Abigail’s vision if we’re going to defeat climate change and build a better region.
State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
At a time when we’re asking big questions about the future of our planet and climate action, Abigail will be a bold regional leader focused on how issues like housing, transportation, and land use can lead to a low carbon, just future.
Former State Representative Brady Walkinshaw
Transportation and affordable housing are our regions most pressing challenges. I'm thrilled to support Abigail Doerr for King County Council to bring fresh experienced leadership to tackle these important regional needs.
Former State Representative Joan McBride
Abigail shares my view that the number one job of government is to help us all reach our full potential. She has my full support because I know she will put in the work to solve tough problems, bring everyone to the table to solve those challenges together, and the bold leadership to make it happen.
Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards
Abigail has demonstrated the regional vision and leadership on some of our most pressing issues that will make her an effective County Councilmember. The passion for progress and energy she brings will serve us well.
Redmond Mayor John Marchione

The Urbanist
The Urbanist’s August Primary Endorsements 2019

The Urbanist endorses Abigail Doerr for King County Council District 4. Doerr’s do-er energy and transportation and climate expertise makes her a strong urbanist leader. Doerr successfully led the Mass Transit Now campaign in 2016, securing $54 billion for light rail, bus rapid transit, andRead More

Young Democrats back challengers to Sawant, Kohl-Welles and Gossett

The Young Democrats would pump new blood into what has been an often-ignored, albeit well paid King County Council. They voted to endorse Abigail Doerr, a 29-year-old challenger to 77-year-old incumbent King County Council member Jeanne Kohl-Welles. Kohl-Welles previously served for more thanRead More

The Seattle Times
Transit advocate Abigail Doerr running for King County Council

Doerr said she wants to work to find a new funding source for bus service in King County. The Seattle Transportation Benefit District, which funds about $45 million a year of bus service in the city, expires in 2020. Doerr has worked in local politics since 2014, when she managed successfulRead More

Denver Streets Blog
To Raise Funds for Transit, Denver Can Follow the Lead of Seattle and LA

“One of the common pieces of push-back we got is that transit is a shiny nice-to-have, not a must-have,” said Abigail Doerr, who helped get the Seattle region’s tax passed as advocacy director for Transportation Choices Coalition. “We had to make sure that we were making the case that thisRead More

The Urbanist
Sunday Video: The Seattle Streetcar

In this video, advocacy director Abigail Doerr from Transportation Choices Coalition talks about the benefits of the Seattle Streetcar and in particular how the Center City Connector will improve the system.Read More

Mass Transit
A Major Transit Victory in the Puget Sound

This has been an excellent start, but it is not enough to meet the demands of the region. To plan for the growth that we are expecting and the traffic congestion we are experiencing, Sound Transit leadership spent three years developing the next phase of expansion fighting political battles toRead More

The Seattle Times
Angle Lake Station Opening

Abigail Doerr, manager of the Mass Transit Now (pro-ST3) campaign, said in a debate this week the station is opening four years early. That’s based on goals from the 2008 ST2 campaign. Back in the Sound Move campaign of 1996, Angle Lake service was promised by 2006, but severely flawed costRead More

Unmute the Commute: Sound Transit 3 Ballot Measure

With a national election approaching, voters are weighing some key issues. For Puget Sound area residents, a major transportation initiative will be decided. If approved, Sound Transit 3 will expand and improve local transit. Jennie Cecil Moore interviewed Abigail Doerr, Advocacy Director of Read More

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
ST3: a Capitol Hill view of what’s next for Sound Transit

For local transit advocates like Abigail Doerr, advocacy director for the pro-light rail Transportation Choices Coalition and a Capitol Hill resident, ST3 is a key opportunity to get it right to go all out and build out the regional mass transit network to its fullest extent. “We would like toRead More

Seattle Central College
Washington Bus: YOUth Powered Democracy

Video recording of a forum hosted by the Washington Bus to facilitate a conversation on how the barriers to access, the opportunity gap, and existing political culture keep young people out from engaging in politics.Read More