Denver Streets Blog
To Raise Funds for Transit, Denver Can Follow the Lead of Seattle and LA

“One of the common pieces of push-back we got is that transit is a shiny nice-to-have, not a must-have,” said Abigail Doerr, who helped get the Seattle region’s tax passed as advocacy director for Transportation Choices Coalition. “We had to make sure that we were making the case that this wasn’t a nice-to-have but a must-have for our region to prosper and move forward.” Read More

The Urbanist
Sunday Video: The Seattle Streetcar

In this video, advocacy director Abigail Doerr from Transportation Choices Coalition talks about the benefits of the Seattle Streetcar and in particular how the Center City Connector will improve the system. Read More

Mass Transit
A Major Transit Victory in the Puget Sound

This has been an excellent start, but it is not enough to meet the demands of the region. To plan for the growth that we are expecting and the traffic congestion we are experiencing, Sound Transit leadership spent three years developing the next phase of expansion fighting political battles to obtain the authority to raise taxes. Last June, after years of process, including extensive public outreach, the Sound Transit board voted to send a $54 billion package to the voters that would add 62 miles of light rail to our growing transit system that will eventually complete a 116-mile light rail network as well as bus rapid transit, commuter rail and express bus service. The final step was to convince over 50 percent of our 1.6 million voters to vote "Yes." Read More

The Seattle Times
Angle Lake Station Opening

Abigail Doerr, manager of the Mass Transit Now (pro-ST3) campaign, said in a debate this week the station is opening four years early. That’s based on goals from the 2008 ST2 campaign. Back in the Sound Move campaign of 1996, Angle Lake service was promised by 2006, but severely flawed cost estimates for the overall network led to project delays. Read More

Unmute the Commute: Sound Transit 3 Ballot Measure

With a national election approaching, voters are weighing some key issues. For Puget Sound area residents, a major transportation initiative will be decided. If approved, Sound Transit 3 will expand and improve local transit. Jennie Cecil Moore interviewed Abigail Doerr, Advocacy Director of Transportation Choices Coalition , Puget Sound Sage Program Manager, Uba Gaardherre and former King County Councilmember and organizer for Smarter Transit, Maggie Fimia. Read More

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
Sound Transit 3 ballot measure campaign kicks off with Capitol Hill party ahead of November vote

For those who oppose the measure, including members of the Seattle Times editorial board, Doerr said they need to face the reality that one million people are coming to the region in the next 20 years, a region that is already struggling to efficiently move people around. “This is truly a once in a life time opportunity,” she said. “Our region had a choice 50 years ago and we made the wrong decision.” According to Doerr, the campaign chose Neumos to show off the recently opened Capitol Hill Station and the improved mobility expanded light rail can bring to the city. On September 24th Sound Transit will open its latest station at Angle Lake, just south of the airport. Construction on the Judkins Park Station is slated to start next year as part of the already funded East Link line, which will span across the I-90 bridge to Bellevue by 2023. Read More

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
ST3: a Capitol Hill view of what’s next for Sound Transit

For local transit advocates like Abigail Doerr, advocacy director for the pro-light rail Transportation Choices Coalition and a Capitol Hill resident, ST3 is a key opportunity to get it right to go all out and build out the regional mass transit network to its fullest extent. “We would like to see as many of these good candidate projects in the package.” Read More

Seattle Central College
Washington Bus: YOUth Powered Democracy

Video recording of a forum hosted by the Washington Bus to facilitate a conversation on how the barriers to access, the opportunity gap, and existing political culture keep young people out from engaging in politics. Read More

Ballots should be arriving in your mailbox!! We had a great crew on the doors last weekend AND we have reached our 35,000th door of the campaign. #doerrtodoor Let’s do this!! ...

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Many thanks to the crew from the #43rdDems for hitting the pavement with us this crisp Saturday morning! Special appearance by some sleepy pups. ...

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These cutie pies are why we’ve got to do all we can to address climate change at every level of government. ...

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Happy First Day of School, @seattlepublicschools! Good luck to all the students, teachers, and parents. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a great year. (Photo is of my sister and I on our first day of school circa 1994). ...

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